Top Tips on How to Secure Your Business Premises

With businesses temporarily closed around the world, security is a key concern. Here, Eales Shutters offer 9 top tips on how to secure your business property – whether that’s overnight, on days off, or during temporary closure.

how to secure your business premises

Shut Up Shop

Investing in high quality security shutters is one of the best things you can do to keep your property safe. As well as being very difficult to defeat, the mere presence of them serves as a deterrent to intruders.

Set Your Alarms

Burglar alarms are one of the most effective deterrents and defences against intruders. The sight of them warns burglars away, and if triggered, the alarms can alert you and the police instantly.

Mark the Perimeter

Perimeter railings or fencing can ensure that your burglar alarms and security shutters remain untroubled by intruders, simply because they can’t reach your property in the first place.

Access Control

Access control is a modern, effective way of ensuring only authorised personnel can get into your property. Security gates with keypads, fobs and even biometrics are common types of access control.

Key Holding

Consider enlisting a reputable security company for their key holding services. They will keep your keys in an off-site location, and they’ll be able to respond to any security alerts with ease and efficiency.

Keep The Lights On

Lighting not only makes your property look good, it also acts as a deterrent to thieves. Lighting around all possible entry points will ensure your CCTV has a good view of anyone who might try and access your building.

Keep the Cameras Rolling

CCTV is another excellent deterrent. If intruders know they’re likely to be caught on camera, they’ll think twice about breaking in. Anyone who does break in will be easily identified and caught by the authorities.

Physical Security Presence

If you have the means, consider hiring a trained, qualified security guard from an authorised security company. They’ll patrol your premises and serve as one of the first lines of defence against intrusion.

Review Your Systems

Whatever security measures you have in place, make sure to keep reviewing them regularly. Assess what works, what doesn’t, and make any necessary changes to ensure the security of your business.

By taking the appropriate business security measures, you can rest assured you’ll return to your property as you left it.

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